Hotel bars

Are hilarious and the same wherever you go. Modern furniture that’s bordering on uncomfortable to sit and definitely a struggle to stand. Drinks that are overpriced, have fancy sounding names, and are generally weak on the booze. But we had a hotel. And a free drink. And it was close to the airport. So I […]

Fuck Spirit airlines

I have a love-hate-anger-acquiescence-despair-anger-love relationship with Spirit Airlines but I still fly them pretty regularly despite the emotional rollercoaster they cause me.  I fly from Minneapolis to Chicago more than a few times a year and they are by far the cheapest and most convenient–if you only bring a glorified purse. I’ve gotten good at […]

It’s been a while…

Well it’s been a fucked up few years but at least I get to travel again! Whoo whoo. Kris and I are going to Peru and I am woefully underprepared. Woefully is an understatement.  I leave for Chicago tomorrow after work. I don’t yet have my luggage and only have sundry items laid out on […]