Day 2: Ollantaytambo Ruins, Moray Ruins, Salt Pans, festivals galore, and a magical restaurant called Tunupa.

*a note about our excessive selfies (please see previous post–they’re only going to get worse). Ollantaytambo Ruins: I linked to the wiki page for a more accurate history and information. However, something to note about this city is that the city itself is very Spanish colonial and it is also the beginning of the Inca trail. […]

I kinda want to punch Kris right now

Because she is happily sleeping on the plane to Cusco while I’m constantly coughing and blowing my nose, miserable as hell due to either massive allergies that hit me the day we left or a cold that hasn’t fully manifested. Two couples moved because my constant coughing and/or nose blowing was bothering them. I get […]

I finally feel like I’m on vacation…

Prince, hot showers, morning dance party, fancy breakfast, taking pictures, and a foreign airport. One of my favorite things about international travel are airports (specifically airport bars but this is just about airports generally). You can tell a lot about where you are by what people are doing in airports.  In the US people are […]

Hotel bars

Are hilarious and the same wherever you go. Modern furniture that’s bordering on uncomfortable to sit and definitely a struggle to stand. Drinks that are overpriced, have fancy sounding names, and are generally weak on the booze. But we had a hotel. And a free drink. And it was close to the airport. So I […]

Fuck Spirit airlines

I have a love-hate-anger-acquiescence-despair-anger-love relationship with Spirit Airlines but I still fly them pretty regularly despite the emotional rollercoaster they cause me.  I fly from Minneapolis to Chicago more than a few times a year and they are by far the cheapest and most convenient–if you only bring a glorified purse. I’ve gotten good at […]

It’s been a while…

Well it’s been a fucked up few years but at least I get to travel again! Whoo whoo. Kris and I are going to Peru and I am woefully underprepared. Woefully is an understatement.  I leave for Chicago tomorrow after work. I don’t yet have my luggage and only have sundry items laid out on […]