My best friend is the best. That’s really it. 4+ weeks and we had one innocuous fight which was literally 3 minutes long and we both actually let it go and started joking about less than 15 minutes after it happened. No passive aggressive bullshit either. Pretty neat. That’s pretty impressive for an entire month […]

Top 5 places we’ve been in India.

This list was created without a significant amount of consulting or pre-approval from Kris (who read everything I wrote previously to maintain some semblance of accuracy about the facts and details in the blog or to corroborate my delusional ramblings) but at this point I have been given permission to interpret for the both of […]

The case of the mysterious rash.

So Kolkata is everything that I expected Delhi to be, a city of complete contradictions. It is a somewhat modern city with downtown areas and modern conveniences with ramshackle slums and communities set up in parks or abandoned buildings right next to expensive condos; hundreds of people utilizing a broken water main in the street […]

Animals spotted at the train station.

Monkey! Momma monkey! Baby monkey! My favorite animals just chilling! 🙂 Ratzilla–this is not to scale but this little fucker could give Mickey Mouse a run for his money–the rats here are HUGE!! Puppies! The best and worst thing about an out of control random dog problem in your country–puppies everywhere. NOT PICTURED Cows. Seriously. […]

Giddily traveling again.

I am a stupid schoolgirl sometimes. Giddily excited about the silliest things, blowing up inconsequential things to unimaginably huge dramas and nervous about the next step on whatever journey I am about to embark upon. That being said I love Varnasi and don’t want to leave. I want to bring a little bit home with […]

Stuck with each other.

So despite my horrible stomach cramping which ended as mysteriously as it started Varanasi has been a total blast and is probably in my top 5 cities in India. However, as I’ve said before we’ve kept the socializing to a minimum because Kris is not really a fan. Socializing attempts outside of being stuck places […]

Illness strikes part deux.

It’s been 27 days in India without either of us getting ‘the sickness’ every guide book and travel outlet warns you about. Unfortunately, a mere four days before we leave the country I am hit with the worst stomach pains/cramps I’ve ever had though we’re pretty sure it’s more like food poisoning rather than ‘the […]