Day 4: Machu Picchu day 2 (or can we survive the mountain hike)… 

Yesterday was beautiful but exhausting. I slept like crap and am now about to embark on a hike that will hopefully get me the best views of the Machu Picchu Archeological site.

Before we do that–our breakfast view:

Best travel agent ever! Seriously. Amazing. And we got to stay in Machu Picchu Pueblo so no added train trip (despite it’s amazingness it would’ve meant waking up 2-3 hours earlier).

Hiking Mount Machu Picchu:

So yeah. The hike up the mountain. Fucking sucks. It’s an endless amount of worn stone stairs in various permutations of disrepair. That basically means you are constantly on edge while taking anywhere from a 6 inch step to a wobbly rock that may or may not support your weight while you lift your body or a 12 inch step. Also a lot of these steps are extremely narrow and are literally on a mountain ledge (i.e. don’t look down)

This was one of the easier paths.

They say it takes 2 hours to reach the summit but they lie. 

It took us 3 hours to reach the top and we pushed. Hard. I ugly cried–full on hysterical tears and hyperventilating–three times while doing this due to physical and mental exhaustion and possibly other issues but mostly those. Now part of that could’ve been the lack of oxygen and thinning air and the fact that I probably have undiagnosed asthma but what the ever loving fuck? Seriously this was the hardest physical exertion I’ve ever done and I’m still so angry that I was so close and missed the summit because I like to take pictures and am out of shape and also sick.

But the thing that REALLY pissed me the fuck off was that I had 10 minutes left to reach the peak and the guides blocked me and said no. Apparently they shut it down at noon and even when you are less than 10 minutes away after three hours of fucking grueling work they don’t care. So I made it up 97% of Machu Picchu Mountain. Yes, I am a fucking winner (that’s sarcasm if you can’t tell). 

I still got some good pics and Kris made it up to the top but fucking Christ going down that mountain was even worse because I never got to the goddamn peak. Every step was a crushing reminder that I did not finish and from now on instead of remembering the beauty of the mountain, the views of the ruins from above, and the amazing time I had–all I will remember is the crushing defeat of not being fast enough.

I got good pictures on the way though (one of the many reasons I was delayed excessively and missed the deadline) because I took them both on my phone and camera because sometimes my camera was just too heavy to pull out of my pack.

This is Machu Picchu from above–way above.

That’s the little mountain (we were on the big one).

So yeah. This trip is amazing but holy fucking  shitballs today was a goddamn beautiful, painful, emotionally exhausting and draining shit-show of pain.

My disappointment. My excessive, crushing, disappointment.

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