Bitching about sleep…it’s fine to skip this one

I can’t sleep. Normally I’m don’t sleep a whole lot anymore. Wearing a Fitbit has made the reality of my lack of sleep unavoidable. 

Data trumps feelings but damn this trip has so far been awful. I mean I have been super sick/coughing/congested but I’ve also been waking up every hour on the hour. Not just some suddenly wake up and go right back to sleep it’s more like waking up and thinking it’s 6 am and bolting upright, adrenaline pumping and then realizing it’s only 11 pm and you’ve been asleep for an hour. 

Then you take some time coughing and struggling because your old out of shape back is sore from all the stairs and walking and finally get to sleep around 12 am only to bolt upright at 1:30 am and start the process all over again.

I remember waking up last night and doing those things at 11 pm, 1:33 am, 3:22 am, 4:30 am, and 5:15 am. At 5:15 I thought fuck it–I’ll just lay here until the alarm goes off.

So yeah, I’ve been sick and sleeping like shit but I’m lucky enough to be on this trip, grateful for all of the amazing things I’ve been able to see and do, and I found out my BFF talks random gibberish and snores in her sleep. So I guess it’s not even close to an inconvenience. But I needed a moment to vent.

Besides isn’t that what coffee and coca tea are for?

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