Day 2: Ollantaytambo Ruins, Moray Ruins, Salt Pans, festivals galore, and a magical restaurant called Tunupa.

*a note about our excessive selfies (please see previous post–they’re only going to get worse).

Ollantaytambo Ruins: I linked to the wiki page for a more accurate history and information. However, something to note about this city is that the city itself is very Spanish colonial and it is also the beginning of the Inca trail. We happened to be there the day of the festival Choquekillka a Catholic/Inca amalgam holiday that honors the patron saint of Ollantaytambo–Senior de Choquekillka. And people were dressed up and dancing with masks.

Moray Ruins: this was speculated both by our tour guide and Wikipedia as an Inca agricultural experiment station. It’s pretty neat. Here is a selfie from there:

Maras Salt Pans: Visiting the Maras salt ponds was pretty amazing. They have been in use since the Incan empire thrived (around 1400). And IT IS COMMUNALLY OWNED!!!

Yes, tourists pay a fee to enter and that money goes to schools and housing and roads. The families that mine the salt keep the money but everyone pitches in and all of the work is done by hand. It is pretty amazing to see.

Magical restaurant called Tunupa

So I have to say when we found out we were going to another buffet I was kind of disappointed–since our waiter from last night recommended so many other places–but I was surprised by how fucking fantastically magical this restaurant happened to be.

Our lunch (we share):

The secret garden:

Their own river walk:

My spirit animal:

I mean seriously. This place was full of people from all over the world–the food was great (and local), we had a live Peruvian flautist band (more on that next post) and the gardens and river were so fucking beautiful I could’ve cried–if I did things like that… I would say that this was the best day ever but today (day 3) was actually even better!

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