Another note about the excessive amount of selfies in this blog…

So I like to take pictures.

I really like to take pictures.

I base a quarter of my love of traveling on being able to take pictures with a fancy camera.

When I travel I take pictures with my fancy camera of scenery and people and things I see so I can remember them but also because I like contrast and framing and capturing feeling in images. I rarely take pictures of myself or Kris unless it’s a ‘proof of purchase’ photo (i.e. Taj Mahal, waterfalls, etc).

Don’t get me wrong I love the drunken selfie. I fucking adore drinking with a group of friends and getting them all together to take stupid photos. Or just the one on one selfie with good friends to commemorate a silly moment. There are also numerous selfies with my animals which I’m constantly deleting from my phone to make space.

I love to see my friend’s selfies. I love to see them happy and enjoying life. Sometimes they get a bit old though. Specifically if they’re just the same person posing without any real expression of why they needed to commemorate the moment. I’m all for commemoration–just tell me why! 🙂

Anyhow, so the biggest complaint from my travel companions about my general photos from trips is that there aren’t enough pictures of of ‘us’. I take way less proof of purchase photos and more National Geographic style photos (I’m giving myself way too much credit with that analogy).  I’ve heard this complaint a lot and so for this trip I finally decided to do some selfies at all the places we go as an ongoing silly proof of purchase. Unfortunately I take all of my good pictures on my nice camera and I leave the silly selfies for the phone.

I write my blog on my phone. I also have no computer or way to sync my camera to anything. So frankly that means y’all get stuck with the silly pictures and selfies. So apologies in advance but that’s what you get.

Other than this picture of a llama and an alpaca:

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