A word about coca and the last two days

So we’ve been in Peru officially for 2 days. We traveled for approximately 17 hours with some layover time, arrived in Lima, got a hotel, and the next morning hoped on a plane to Cusco. We were then picked up at the airport, started our tour, and got dropped off at the hotel later that evening.

I have been horribly sick–pretty sure just bad allergies but the day we left I was a mess of phlegm and snot and post-nasal drip and my TB cough made a comeback. So at the Lima airport Kris bought me coca cough drops. 

Coca is a leaf. It is in everything here from tea to cough drops to a woman at the airport offering us leaves in a basket to chew on (for free). It is everywhere here and in everything. The extract (through a chemical process) is also the main ingredient in cocaine. So after going through two bags of cough drops in two days along with drinking at least 8 cups of tea a day you might understand how I got over ambitious with the blogging and probably a bit too self-involved. I should have been writing about how beautiful and amazing Peru is and how much we are learning–about coca and Inca civilizations and how woefully out of shape we are. 🙂

What folks chew and offer for breakfast with coffee:

While I will probably continue to over-consume coca products I will promise to be more cognizant of when I’m going off the rails. 🙂


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