I kinda want to punch Kris right now

Because she is happily sleeping on the plane to Cusco while I’m constantly coughing and blowing my nose, miserable as hell due to either massive allergies that hit me the day we left or a cold that hasn’t fully manifested.

Two couples moved because my constant coughing and/or nose blowing was bothering them. I get it. But I can’t help it, I’m covering everything, using hand sanitizer, doing everything I can to keep the noise and germ-age to a minimum and I’m trying to be as inconspicuous as possible. But I have some awful post-nasal drip and my nose won’t stop dripping.

And Kris is is oblivious and happily sleeping while I’m miserable. And I am happy for her (and I have to mention she gave me her Kleenex (which I used up completely) bought me coca cough drops (highly recommend those by the way) and water) but really–I’m miserable so shouldn’t she be too? So yes, I have anger issues but instead of taking them out on others I’m just going to sit here, sniffle, cough, and type in my phone because fuck you too. 🙂


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