Clouds, mountains and a dangerous landing…

So after I wrote about how miserable I was and wishing Kris was miserable with me and how I wanted to punch her–I felt immediately better. 

I poked her in the arm. Snapped at her and then gave her the blog to read. Wi-Fi is pretty crappy/so I write when we are traveling and or sleeping and or have down time and post/upload when we have the wifi. I’ve been pretty prolific about the blogging and forgot how much I enjoy it. 

Anyhow, Kris and I made up in my head (she had no idea I was mad until she read the post and understood I was just venting about my misery to make myself feel better).

After she read the post and we laughed about what an idiot I am and moved on.

So I really need to learn more about clouds. I remember learning about the various kinds in grade school and/or junior high. I recently listened to something on NPR that mentioned clouds and how much they weigh. 

I’ve flown a thousand times and have gotten pretty nonchalant about flying through clouds. But the combination of the mountains and clouds and the sun and the crazy flying (more on that later) made me yearn to dive bomb those fluffy dense fuckers as a bird of prey. It was gorgeous. Just amazingly beautiful. I thought about taking a picture but sometimes you just need to be in the moment (ok honestly it was the window–it was super dirty and gross and there was no way that could take a good picture).

We experienced a significant amount of turbulence on our flight–which apparently is normal for the area/our flight. The weirdest thing though was the captain got on the intercom and said something to the effect of “You’ve probably never been through this before but we have to take another pass at landing and do something different. It’s not dangerous or anything but…”

Kris and I just laughed and I looked at her and said “Yay! We are all going to die.” She didn’t laugh but acknowledged the underlying shittiness of my statement with resigned amusement.

We landed safely. We deplaned. We got our luggage. We hopped in a car and toured the Pisco archeological site. I took 340 pictures. Two of which might be good. I like taking pictures. A lot. I should do it more often. Or just travel more often. Really, right now what I need to do is go to bed.


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