Top 5 places we’ve been in India.

This list was created without a significant amount of consulting or pre-approval from Kris (who read everything I wrote previously to maintain some semblance of accuracy about the facts and details in the blog or to corroborate my delusional ramblings) but at this point I have been given permission to interpret for the both of us and if I am incorrect she can correct in the comments or send me a text and I’ll revise. I’ll also add pictures once I’ve gone through all of them.

5. Dharamasala–I think we both adored Dharamasala and seeing the temple and living place of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama was amazing despite the emotional breakdown that came visiting the museum of Tibetan history. We also found out that it wasn’t a fat American phenomenon with people wanting our photos with them which was also really nice for us. Dharamasala was also one of the places where we walked the streets (mostly) hassle free and while I don’t want to trivialize the religion or spirituality we thought there was something neat (and inspiring) about seeing Tibetan monks do daily activities like shop or talk on cell phones while we were wandering around.

4. Khajuraho–So you don’t need more than a day in Khajuraho but when you spend that day going from temple to temple taking hundreds of photos of intricately carved nude sculptures looking for the dirtiest while simultaneously watching old and young, foreign and native visitors giggle, point and whisper like 12 yr old girls at a junior high dance–I call that a very special day. Plus anything would seem amazing after the train wait from hell and seeing our new friends around while wandering was fun.

3. Varnassi–I had a hard time with the Varnassi/Jaipur rankings but I have to say the boat ride on the Ganges, our upgraded hotel, our guided tours in the ambassador made it a winner that even my painful stomach issues can’t discount. Jaipur won fair and square but it was difficult for a minute.

2. Jaipur–I thank Bashir for getting Jaipur back into the mix. When we were originally planning I wanted Jaipur and the camel trading market on the tour which we ended up cutting due to time and travel constraints (and my hope I could spend an entire day photographing the Taj). When we booked our stuff through Bashir he cut Agra and added Jaipur which ended up being the best idea ever because Agra also sucks and Jaipur is fabulous. Also we rode in the Ferrari of tuk-tuks.

1. Srinagar–I have to say that the worst decision we made actually turned out to be the best. I think Kris and I had a discussion at some point about whether she liked Jaipur or Srinagar best but Srinagar as a whole beats Jaipur (and frankly the rest of India) by the range of emotions and amazing/crazy/unique experiences ever and despite the cold weather the house boat was amazing. It also wins hands down because it is where I won a 19-20 year battle to get Kris to ride a horse again. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Top 5 places we’ve been in India.

  1. A$$H@LeS was the first word that came to mind when I read that Srinagar was number one considering the hell that you two put me thru. I’m glad to have you back safely and happy that you had an amazing experience.

    • We deserve it (the assholes comment) but in our defense we were scared out of our minds preparing to basically try and run for the border. Once we finally slept and saw reason we felt really, really bad for scaring you too. 🙂

      • When you say ‘run for the border,’ …do you mean Pakistan?
        Considering that Kasmir is the topic, a more apropos idiomatic expression might be desirable.

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