My best friend is the best.

That’s really it. 4+ weeks and we had one innocuous fight which was literally 3 minutes long and we both actually let it go and started joking about less than 15 minutes after it happened. No passive aggressive bullshit either. Pretty neat.

That’s pretty impressive for an entire month of travel where we’re splitting expenses, sharing beds and spending 24/7 together.

At one point towards the end when we were both getting annoyed and crabby at the Delhi airport Kris said to me out of the blue “If we turn on each other India wins,” which of course made us both laugh hysterically. We weren’t even being crabby with each other just crabby in general.

It’s cool. It was amazing and I thank Ryan daily (in my head) for being such a cool husband. Maybe next time he’ll come with.

So yeah, it’s cool. I’m only about 10-15 years away from believing she’s not just using me for my moms pool. 😉


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