Top 5 favorite quotes from the trip.

5. “Really no problem? Or is it the Indian passive aggressive problem where it IS a problem but you still say no problem?” –Kim to Brij when we requested a change in our tour.

4. “I want a nurse monkey and a gun.” –Kim to Kris on a particularly gruesome day of travel and illness.

3. “India is the gayest country on the planet and I’ve spent significant time in San Francisco.” –Erik the Dutchman to us both while waiting at the train station talking about the seemingly contradictory aspects of sketchy dudes who stare and follow us around with obvious lecherous intent and their lack of inhibition displaying obvious affection for each other (holding hands, walking with their arms around each other, etc).

3. “Language Problem.” –a reoccurring phrase used to describe the differences between Hinglish and English, first used by Raj at Corbett and used many many times since.

2. “Monkey!” –a reoccurring call to look at a monkey or make each other laugh during trying times.

1. “If we turn on each other India wins”–Kris at Delhi international airport. We weren’t even starting to turn on each other, we were both just kinda crabby and annoyed with the airport BS. It was a pre-preemptive hilarious warning.

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