Stuck with each other.

So despite my horrible stomach cramping which ended as mysteriously as it started Varanasi has been a total blast and is probably in my top 5 cities in India. However, as I’ve said before we’ve kept the socializing to a minimum because Kris is not really a fan.

Socializing attempts outside of being stuck places and seeking English speakers in the same miserable situations has not really happened and as much as we love each other we were both craving talking to other people. Our conversations are getting to be just a few words or grunts because we pretty much know what the other is thinking or feeling with a look. So we decided to go out and see some live music at the Brown Bread Bakery by the ghats, which is a fundraising source of income for a school and a women’s shelter in Varnasi. Everything we read and heard said they had good food, reasonable prices, live music every night and was a good place tower fellow travelers. Unfortunately they were wrong.

The place is lovely but was deserted, they do fund a school and a women’s shelter and teach women marketable skills in trade craft but the place was empty except for a table of French speakers who were 20 years younger and not interested in interacting with middle aged Americans and there was no live music–lonely planet sucks but that’s for another post.


Me unhappily realizing we’re not going to socialize with anyone else but each other.

Me later on realizing that beer makes everything better (and if I had to get stuck with someone 24/7 for a month Kris is my best bet). 🙂

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