Illness strikes part deux.

It’s been 27 days in India without either of us getting ‘the sickness’ every guide book and travel outlet warns you about. Unfortunately, a mere four days before we leave the country I am hit with the worst stomach pains/cramps I’ve ever had though we’re pretty sure it’s more like food poisoning rather than ‘the sickness’ because vomiting rather than the other seems to be the symptom other than feeling like someone cut me open and is slowly twisting and tying my stomach and lower intestines into a million little knots. It pretty much hurts to do anything.

Despite whatever ills befalling my body we still had a lovely 5:30 am boat ride on the Ganges, visited more temples and ghats, toured the fabulous silk making district in Moughal town and checked into a different hotel so I could curl up in a ball until the pain subsides.


Our captain and violation of child labor laws.


The point is to light the candle, make a wish and send it floating down the Ganga. Mine drowned.


Sunrise on the Ganga.


Proof we were there.

A wish floating down the river.


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