India rail redemption.

So after preparing ourselves for the usual issues we’ve been having with India Rail we left our hotel for the train station to catch an overnight train to Varanasi with seriously low expectations–and were very pleasantly surprised–even our snarky Norwegian friend was somewhat happy.

The train station was clean. Well, clean for India–which realistically would put it somewhere in between metra and cta clean. There were roving dogs marking their territory but considering what we’ve seen I almost cried it was so beautiful. The kicker is we didn’t even have to wait because our train was early!

Ahh sweet victory! We both had the bottom bunks (which was a good thing) and the train itself was clean too! I slept better than I have in the last week–I still woke up every few hours due to sudden stops and curves but in general it was a lovely ride. I didn’t even mind at the very end we stayed stuck halfway into the station unable to alight for over an hour. It was still relaxing and wonderful.

Thank you India rail for restoring our faith in train travel.


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