On the road again.

The road from Jaipur back to Agra is beautiful. We were expecting hell and it was basically a narrower version of I 94 between Willow and Shermer with some goats, cows, a ton of people walking, bicycles and speed bumps.

Whew. We had a lovely day with the extra bit of sightseeing including the Amber Fort and Monkey Temple. We then had a lovely car ride to Agra and were dropped off at a restaurant because we absolutely did not want to spend more time than necessary at the train station and our train wasn’t until 10:40 pm.

The restaurant itself was lovely and we spent 4 hours eating, people watching, playing cards and watching the Hindi version of Back to the Future 3 (which even in Hindi was still horrible). The staff was amazing–they were attentive but also left us alone, offered us a booth to sleep in and negotiated our tuk-tuk to the train station–perfectly understanding and fantastic people trying to make our long journey (we got on the road at 10 am) more peaceful and relaxing.

Unfortunately that wasn’t in the cards for us but at least we made friends.

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