No turkey for tourists.

So it was thanksgiving today and while I am not a fan of the holiday and what it stands for (the invasion of America, and genocide of Native Americans) I do miss home and am thankful for so very many things especially friends and family.

Last night we went out to dinner and while the meal was good we were bummed that we missed out on turkey, sweet potatoes and even annoying family traditions. Of course we are extremely grateful and thankful that we have the opportunity and ability to take this trip and experience all of the ups and downs and still be able to return to our extremely privileged lives.

I haven’t really touched on the poverty we see daily because frankly I’m trying to ignore processing it until I get back–otherwise I’d be in an unbelievable funk and unable to enjoy myself but it is atrocious and I have to say that I am so grateful to have the life and do and live where I live. I am very privileged and grateful and lucky for all that I have.

In that vein I have to say happy Thanksgiving–I am grateful and thankful for so very many things and I hope you all are enjoying however you choose to spend the day.

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