I love India.

I feel like I’ve been complaining a lot about random shit and that comes off as ‘I’m not having a marvelous time’ when in fact I am having a fabulous time and loving every minute. Even the torturous car journey from Rishikesh to Agra or the 10 hour train delay have been fun in retrospect (and a few small moments during) because it’s all an amazing adventure.

We have less than a week left and I’m already lamenting not shoving more in the trip or taking longer or going south–again, not because it’s not wonderful–but because it is and I want more. I’m greedy for more.

I took a walk down the main road today and while I was ignoring the harassing calls from shopkeepers, men, and children as well as simultaneously dodging cows, chickens, goats and their gifts to the community I thought: man, I’m gonna miss this.


One thought on “I love India.

  1. I must say that the endless transport grumbles, the cramps, the vivid depictions of ick in all the multitudinous forms India offers – these are most definitely the highlights of this blog, perhaps even its raison d’etre. One might go as far as to say they are only surpassed in the history of sightseeing scribbles by the greatest proto-blog of them all, the Babur Nama*:
    “The towns and the countryside of Hindustan are greatly wanting in charm. Its towns and lands are all of one sort; there are no walls to the orchards, and most places are on the dead level plain. Under the monsoon rains the banks of some of its rivers and torrents are worn into deep channels, difficult and troublesome to pass through. In many parts of the plains thorny jungle grows, behind the good defense of which the people of the pargana become stubbornly rebellious and pay no taxes…Hindustan is a country of few charms. Its people have no good looks; of social intercourse, paying and receiving visits there is none; of genius and capacity none; of manners none; in handicraft and work there is no form or symmetry, method or quality; there are no good horses, no good dogs, no grapes, muskmelons or first-rate fruits, no ice or cold water, no good bread or cooked food in the bazaars, no hot-baths, no colleges, no candles, torches or candlesticks…Except their large rivers and their standing-waters which flow in ravines or hollows, there are no waters. There are no remaining waters in their gardens or residences. These residences have no charm, air, regularity or symmetry”…and so on.
    So the veracity of your roving reportage is confirmed by Authority & History. Jolly good!

    So, what is truly appalling about his blog is the complete absence of references to swag, bling, knick-knacks, objet d’art, Shiny beads (you can keep the shallow flattery), dust collectors, in short, the presents your long suffering readers expect to be showered with upon your return. I have not read one jot about the enameled jigha I asked you to pick up at the lovely Nandkishore Meghraj shop. And I hope you only bought the Rocket Munakka brand, that other bhang is weak मल man. Also, I expect to be presented with a bag of namkeens upon meeting at the baggage carousel. And, and, what about my Infosys Women’s Cricket Tourney Advaith Hyundai BIG FM Navras Cup team victory tee-shirt? !! What about it!


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