A pool, a plan and a real tourist day!

So when we arrived last night around 11:30 pm there was a mixup at the train station and the hotel sent someone to pick us up but we didn’t know and so we took a cab to the hotel where our cab driver and the hotel driver proceeded to argue vehemently for a while while we waited to get checked in exhausted and hungry.

The hotel is awesome. It is a heritage hotel (which means historic site run by gov’t) and while the rooms are shabby and not really clean and the power is constantly going off and on (welcome to India) they are decked out with intricately hand-carved antique furniture which has been treated like shit over the years but still probably worth a fortune, the hotel itself is a few hundred years old and has beautiful stained glass windows everywhere and best yet–it has a pool!

Pretty furniture.

The pool.

When we’ve been the most frustrated, exhausted, tired and cranky with people and situations here recently I’ve joked about us getting a really bougie hotel with a pool and a bar and hanging out until we leave, where I can read guide books and make up blog posts about where we’ve not been–which gives us both a good laugh and a reminder that really this isn’t all that hard considering how amazingly lucky and privileged we are. Now we have a pool in the coolest hotel, a tour plan for Jaipur, a guide for later on in the day and a whole new outlook on life. Life is pretty damn wonderful and Jaipur is a really cool city (way, way, way better than Agra).

So we started our day with breakfast on the roof, went for a quick swim, showered changed and headed out for a tour of the pink city. We saw the city palace along with the attached museums and courtyards, snake charmers out to make a buck for a photo op. Next we went to Jantar Mantar which has some pretty massive and amazing astronomical devices and a sundial that can tell time up to 20 seconds. Then we went to the Govind Devji and took hundreds of pictures pf a temple tomb and then headed to the water palace for a few more photos before returning to the hotel to get ready for a late dinner.

Amazing. If you only have time for one quick stop in the golden triangle my vote is Jaipur. You get the most bang for your buck. Rajasthan is apparently the place to be and we’ve loved every second.

Don’t get me wrong the Taj Mahal is beautiful and deservedly and eighth wonder and all that but other than that Agra is pretty lame. Jaipur has all sorts of sights to see and things to do outside of just one monument.

Our day in Jaipur is up there in the top 10 days of the trip so far despite some annoying tuk tuk and cab drivers.

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