A day of rest.

Yep. I stayed in today. Judge all you want but after our rowdy, exciting and exhausting safari adventure, our car ride from hell and the illness that just won’t leave I’m sitting in bed reading, drinking tea and watching Indian videos.

Kris went out to the pharmacy to pick up some drugs for me–which seem to be working so yippee–and ran into another Kashmiri shop owner who offered her a deal she couldn’t refuse. She is doing her part to both make the holidays warmer and revive the Indian economy. It is awesome to behold and while I cannot keep up I’m glad she’s pulling the weight for us both.

The hope is that by tomorrow I’ll feel better, wake up at the crack of dawn and go see the Taj, hop on a train and head to Jaipur. From here on out we’re just using the trains and hotels booked by Bashir–which so far have been pretty decent and worth the money so that’s a HUGE relief.

We have a guide meeting us at the hotel at 5:30 so yet another 4:30 – 5 am wake up but we hear sunrise at the Taj is the place to be.


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