So after a night of crappy sleep (I’ve been trying very hard not to get sick but I’ve had a sore throat and stuffy nose for the last two days along with the ‘I’d be miserable if I weren’t on vacation in India’ feeling) and the aforementioned incessant honking and bumpy drive making it impossible to doze in the car, we arrived at Corbett tiger reserve–exhausted. We were then transferred to a jeep and driven to our lodgings at the center of the park. We took a very roundabout way to the lodging stopping to see monkeys, deer, crocodiles, various birds and other wildlife along the way.

Our lodgings are basically a compound in the wilderness surrounded by an electrical fence. From above it probably looks like some kid dropped tan lego pieces in the grass. We have great views and there are a bunch of dorm style rooms next to each other and a communal kitchen where meals are served buffet style. It’s like summer camp for adults (so far I’ve only seen 2 children–which I think is odd because I think this would be a place kids would really like). It’s also great because other than 2 German tourists we are staying here with all Indian tourists–our neighbors from south of new delhi come here every year a few tomes a year for vacation. It’s absolutely fantastic.

Pavan through his many emails to Kris mentioned that the lodgings were rustic and again warned us that the power goes out regularly and not to expect any amenities. It’s lovely and space and a little nicer than you would expect at a national park (and BONUS we have both a lizard and english style toilet in our room).

The food has been phenomenal and Kris and I were talking about our various food experiences and her theory (which I think is brilliant) is that the food has been amazing in every place where the people cooking it also eat it. Duh.

So far safari = awesome.


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