Oh the incessant honking.

We got picked up this morning at 5 am for a ride from Rishikesh to Corbett National Park for our safari adventure. I’ve already explained driving in India but I don’t think I’ve explained the incessant honking to any real extent.

You honk when you’re about to pass someone (which is all the time), you honk when an animal is in the road (which between the monkeys, dogs, goats, horses and cows is all the time), you honk when people are walking in either direction to alert them to your presence (again, people are walking day or night all the time), you honk at motorcycles and at cyclists and at tuk-tuks (I would wager that there are probably more motorcycles in India than cars in the US and absolutely more bicycles) and sometimes you honk when you don’t like what the other driver did or if there is a traffic jam. Now in most cases the honking makes sense and is a good tool in avoiding accidents because the driving here is pretty insane. So essentially every car, motorcycle and bicycle is honking constantly as is every other car and motorcycle on the road–which basically means I have the worst headache ever.

3 hours until we are in the quiet peaceful park watching for animals. Yippee!!


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