Monkey stole my cookies!

After running into all the guides on our second elephant ride of shame which frankly we weren’t exhibiting enough shame we had a few minutes to pack our crap up and leave the park by 9 am.

Waking up as the sun rises on the back of an elephant while traveling through a jungle and grassland is petty awe inspiring but we were still somewhat hung over on less than 2 hours of sleep and packing in kind a daze, when out of the comer of my eye I saw movement and screamed MONKEY!! joyfully only to realize that he scampered into the room jumped on the dresser found an unopened packet of biscuits on the mess that was our dresser and as I screamed he quickly grabbed an apple and scampered away.

We still cannot stop laughing. The one time we weren’t diligent about locking the door he found an entry and moved in quick succession to get his prizes. We had so much junk on the dresser, camera, scarves, books and papers and he immediately and quickly made an assessment and went for it in literally less than 30 seconds. It was amazing to behold.

I adore monkeys. Absolutely and completely.

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