Jewel in the Crown

So back in college I took many classes on colonialism and one of those classes dealt with India. In that class we watched part of a miniseries produced by the BBC called Jewel in the Crown. The Jewel in the Crown is basically a soap opera about the final days of the British Raj in India during World War II, based upon novels by Paul Scott. We watched vignettes from the series and wrote papers about how colonialism affected both the colonizers and colonized and much like any Chinua Achebe novel discussed the differing layers of people who belonged in those categories, which did not always line up with skin color or nationality as you might imagine–despite obvious privilege and preferential treatment.

Anyhow, I bring this up because today I feel like a colonist. Entitled, privileged and taking advantage of the resources and people.

We had another decadent day. This time with yoga, a massage and a crazy body treatment I’m not sure how to explain other than it involved rubbing, steam, various creams, lotions and oils.

A word about getting a massage in India. So far Kris and I have come to the conclusion that a number of people we have come across do not have the same concept of personal space that we each do. If you want to take that and extrapolate those findings to masseuses then you have a vague idea of what I’m talking about. Ryan warned Kris jokingly about making sure she didn’t get a happy ending but apparently second base is normal here in Rishikesh. So it was a bit disconcerting for someone (namely me) who is a bit uncomfortable with massages in the first place.

But yeah it was a marvelously decadent and relaxing day which makes me extremely grateful for absolutely everything, especially this trip. Off to safari for the next two days and then…the Taj Mahal!!!!!!


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