Why Garnier, Ponds and Loreal suck.

So Kris and I took a decadent day off the insanity that has been our trip by splurging for a nice hotel and a day doing nothing but watching bad tv and relaxing.

During the course of this luxury I’ve seen about 25 Garnier commercials (5 ponds and 2 Loreal) for “dark spot removal” which is advertising allusion for skin lightening. They even say in the commercial “for visibly lighter skin overnight.” The Loreal commercial goes even farther with lightening face powder for daytime.

This pisses me off on a variety of ways because if you actually watch a lot of Indian TV a large number of the women look more Italian or Greek than Indian which of course is a combination of lighting, makeup and either societies messed up beauty standards or a horrible byproduct of globalization.

It happens all the time in the US, whether it lightening Beyonce or Gabourey Sidibe’s skin when they appear on the covers of magazines or promoting one standard of beauty that continually is harder and harder to reach and does nothing but drive a business that makes women feel insecure and undervalued. It pisses me off and I’m definitely not buying anything made by these companies–though it is extremely rare that I do, but maybe others won’t either.


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