The metric system.

Why haven’t switched to the metric system yet? Seriously? Whose idea was this other system anyhow?

Its been a long time since first learning about the neatness of the metric system how you can easily figure things out by dividing by multiples of 10. It’s a lovely and elegant system compared to ours. How many times in your life have you had to google: How many feet in a mile or how many inches in a yard?

Or more importantly how far is an actual meter or kilometer compared to a foot or a mile. It’s annoying. I wish I was familiar enough to feel comfortable with directions like walk 100 meters this way take a right and it’s 30 meters on your right. What does that mean? How far should I walk? While I am thankful for my iPhone however it still annoys me that I don’t know for myself.

Damn you whoever decided that it was miles and inches for the US–you continue to make Americans looks like idiots abroad–something we don’t need any more help with thank you very much.


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