So neither of us slept in either train ride, our tuk-tuk to the hotel was extremely bumpy and long, our arrival at our hotel was an ordeal (it’s an annoying and long story about them never hearing of Expedia), our hotel was less than clean and frankly Rishikesh was not the charming little city we’d imagined.

So we took a nap, made a plan and went to find a new hotel. After some, numbers crunching, debating, and hemming and hawing we finally booked a room for 3 nights at a really nice hotel and went back to our dump to sleep. After another fitful night of sleep we woke up, ate breakfast and checked into our fancy pants place at noon where we proceeded to shower and watch bad tv all day in a clean, air-conditioned, bug and mold-free room. Now some folks might be disdainful that we wasted an entire day in India doing something we could do anywhere but frankly you have no idea how much it was desperately needed and how much it helped us get get up the nerve to get out and explore Rishikesh.


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