The worst Palak Paneer I ever ate. . .

We get off the flight, easily find our courtesy box and our hotel pickup. We get driven to the hotel (I think I’ve already explained driving in Delhi) and find our room. Nice–not the cleanest and decorated in the 60’s–but its India who cares? However, it had the most important attribute–an english style toilet–yippee!!!!

We unpack and are too tired to do anything but order cheap room service and bottled water. The food was pickup from a restaurant nearby but it was super cheap and easy.

I love Indian food. I adore it. So was super excited about our first Indian meal in India–even if it was cheap room service.

Unfortunately it was the blandest food I’ve ever eaten in my life. No spice. No salt. No flavor. Cold. Oily. No naan. It was disgusting. And of course I ordered my favorites–which made it worse. We choked down a little and fell asleep.

Later, I realized they cater to foreign tourists so they make it as bland as possible. Sucky. Just cause we are foreign doesn’t mean we don’t want flavor or spice–no matter what you read.

All night long we kept up an ongoing battle with the AC. If it wasn’t on the room was way too hot, if it was on the room was way too cold and noisy. And the mosquitos! We spent hours trying to kill just a few ambitious fuckers. The next morning I woke up with 15-25 mosquito bites–6 on my face, 8 on my arms, the rest everywhere else–thankfully I already started the antimalarials.

Welcome to Delhi. An apropos start to our very brief time there.


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