A quick note on poverty.

I haven’t written about poverty yet. Mostly due to some serious preoccupation with my own shit–but also because it is so hard for me to process, yet alone explain.

So everyone knows class differentiation is awful everywhere and that a ridiculously few people have most of the wealth. I’ve seen it in our country and have been privileged enough to travel and see it first hand in many other countries, and every time it makes me angry and sick of myself, the world, my life and my priorities.

Don’t get me wrong I am not a proponent of liberal/white/privilege guilt by any stretch of the imagination. Nor am I a fan of the paternalistic, neo-colonial organizations that perpetuate and encourage the myths that go with that guilt.

I think being in solidarity, supporting local people helping each other is the way that people should help build a better world and create stronger communities because otherwise we’re just perpetuating a cycle of poverty.

Now what I believe and what I feel and how I feel is why I need to get better at practicing mindfulness. I see so many people with so much less than me and it breaks my heart. I want to do more and be better and stop being part of the problem while simultaneously actually being a huge part of the problem.

If I believe in anything at all it’s the generosity and capacity for caring that human beings have while also being acutely aware that society has evolved in ways that simultaneously create a paradigm in which the easiest option for most people to get anywhere is to inevitably subvert that generosity and caring and screw you.


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