K-2 or how the broken rope made my day.

So we woke up and said goodbye to our Greek friends hoping we’d see them again in Dharamasala. Had breakfast and hopped in the car with Remy for another 2 hour jaunt to our next adventure. This time we went to Glanag, a ski mountain resort with what they all a gondola (which is a cable car that brings you to the top of the mountain). On a clear day it has a spectacular view of K-2.

Of course the drive was amazing. Both for seeing urban, suburban and rural life in Kashmir (as can be observed from a moving car). And of course for the sheer beauty of the Himalayas.

The incessant honking stopped bothering me a few days ago but the constant swerving on a tiny gravel road into oncoming traffic was completely acceptable due to the absolutely breathtaking views.

What is interesting around Kashmir is that the cities, suburbs and rural areas are all seemingly mixed income housing (again these are superficial observations coming from a mostly moving vehicle). All of the houses here are extremely large and Remy explained that is because families stay together. Sons never leave the house and their wives move in when they get married so you can have 20 or so people under one roof.

So the drive was amazing. Kashmir is basically surrounded by mountains on all sides. And so when you drive up one all the others come into view and it’s spectacular.

The other neat thing about most of our travels in Kashmir is the fact that it is currently some sort of general holiday–maybe a school break or something so there were Indian tourists EVERYWHERE which was cool especially because a lot of them had never seen snow in person before. Plus it was hilarious because they wanted us to get into their family photos–it was very amusing and we always obliged.

Luckily the gondola was broken/under repairs for a broken rope so our guide got us more tiny horses to ride up to the viewing area–which of course made my day. More horseback riding! The only problem was that it continued to be comical to watch me get in the saddle.

I’ve been working out and am in better shape than I have been in a long time but that doesn’t mean shit when trying to lug my ass up onto a horse wearing 5 layers of clothing and boots not to mention a serious need to work on my core. These poor Indian guides were trying not to laugh but despite my mortification I finally got on and didn’t let it get to me because I was on a tiny horse again!

So we got to see K-2 which is supposed to be harder to climb than Mt Everest and is the next tallest mountain. It was amazing and I can’t think of any combination of adjectives that could do it justice.


And that’s just a crappy iPhone photo.

Yep so the gondola being broken made my day. Kashmir is turning out to be an absolutely fantastic decision!


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