Illness strikes part deux.

It’s been 27 days in India without either of us getting ‘the sickness’ every guide book and travel outlet warns you about. Unfortunately, a mere four days before we leave the country I am hit with the worst stomach pains/cramps I’ve ever had though we’re pretty sure it’s more like food poisoning rather than ‘the […]

India rail redemption.

So after preparing ourselves for the usual issues we’ve been having with India Rail we left our hotel for the train station to catch an overnight train to Varanasi with seriously low expectations–and were very pleasantly surprised–even our snarky Norwegian friend was somewhat happy. The train station was clean. Well, clean for India–which realistically would […]

I love India.

I feel like I’ve been complaining a lot about random shit and that comes off as ‘I’m not having a marvelous time’ when in fact I am having a fabulous time and loving every minute. Even the torturous car journey from Rishikesh to Agra or the 10 hour train delay have been fun in retrospect […]

Khajuraho fun.

I have to say that we were pleasantly surprised by Khajuraho. It is a small town of about 10,000 people whose claim to fame is a bunch of temples rediscovered in the 1800’s by the British whose intricate carvings are of an erotic nature. They are made of stone and depict a variety of individuals, […]

New friends.

We get to the train station an hour early (at 9:40 pm) only to find out that our train has been delayed by fog for 3 hours. If we’d had wifi or 3G access we could have found out beforehand but we didn’t and it was too late to go back to the restaurant because […]

On the road again.

The road from Jaipur back to Agra is beautiful. We were expecting hell and it was basically a narrower version of I 94 between Willow and Shermer with some goats, cows, a ton of people walking, bicycles and speed bumps. Whew. We had a lovely day with the extra bit of sightseeing including the Amber […]

Monkey grabbed my ass.

Yes I was violated by a monkey, though in his defense he just grabbed it to climb up my back to subsequently grab the flowers off Kris’s neck and run away. So the intent was not harassment but utilitarianism–such is the way of the monkey temple. This morning before alighting back to Agra to catch […]