Waiting for the journey to actually begin.


At O’Hare waiting for our 16 hour flight to Hong Kong. We had the nicest lady assist us at the check-in desk. Apparently with all of our planning and measuring of our bags and toiletries Cathay Pacific has a 7 kg limit to the weight of carryon bags. Mine was 8.5 and Kris’s was 10. We pleaded for mercy and she gave us a box to unload some items into and check through to Delhi. So we both unloaded our quart liquid bags and a few other items and we squeaked through keeping our packs with us. She also arranged for us to have our own row on both flights–so yippee! Our layover in Hong Kong is 16 hours and my last minute planning will hopefully keep us busy, be entertaining and exhaust us for the flight so we can sleep from Hong kong to Delhi.


3 thoughts on “Waiting for the journey to actually begin.

  1. Man, arn’t watchlist’s like supposed to STOP people this this! All I can say is, you better stay away from Kat O islaand, ya 鬼婆 搗蛋鬼!!!!

  2. Hope you guys have a lot of fun. Trying to figure out how to explain where and what India is to Annie. Any suggestions?

    Love, Jon

    • I would say it’s a country just like the US but 1/3 the size, a little more than halfway around the world and much hotter with a less than stellar governmental infrastructure due to its only recent emergence from the colonial yolk! But I don’t have kids so not sure how long you wait to tell them
      about the horrible nature of man and dominance that is colonialism. 🙂

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