Anticipation and low expectations

A NASA image of India on the eve of Diwali

So in 4 days I am off to Hong Kong for a 10 hour, overnight, whirlwind tour/layover that I hope doesn’t fall flat (because that would be completely my fault) and a month-long jaunt across northern and central India with my BFF. I am ridiculously excited about the trip and the inevitable adventures however, I am also trying to be realistic about my ability to blog while travelling. I have tried this a few times before (one of you may remember either my 3 entries in a blog about going to South Africa in 2005, the journal I kept in Kenya that I inevitably misplaced, or a maudlin e-mail I wrote from London about paternalistic responses to poverty, guilt and self-loathing) so I am trying to set really low expectations for this blog but also make it available in case you are interested in hearing about what we’re up to in real-time.

That being written–I really want to remember absolutely every thing that happens and most importantly where every photo was taken (because sometimes I make Leonard Shelby look like the poster-child for eidetic memory). I want to remember every single moment whether amazing, difficult, harrowing or life-altering. So here we go with my attempt to convey those moments online.

This blog also saves you from having to feel guilty about reading/responding to any mass emails that you may not want to receive–your participation in this experiment is welcome but completely unnecessary. I am making this available to folks who want it but please no one needs to feel obliged to read it. You will most likely end up hearing highlights from the trip over the next few years ad nauseam.

After a shitty few months I completely understand how lucky and privileged I am and I am so grateful for so many things but especially my ability to do this (with paid time off, with reliable cat-sitters, without worrying about my condo or watering my plants, and of course having the money saved to make this happen). Not only do I get to travel to amazing places, see and experience fabulous new things (and hopefully see the locations filmed in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)–I get to actually share the experiences with my favorite person in the world (yes, in case you were wondering, I did just throw up in the back of my mouth).

So any takers on how many posts I can/will write over the next month (barring technology from being the issue/impediment)? My hope is 35, my realistic guess is 15 and the nagging voice in the back of my head that I try to ignore keeps telling me maybe 3.


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